PC750 pedal for M3-ASF (variator)

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PC750 pedal for M3-ASF (variator)

Technical characteristics :
Reference: BAPC750
Model: Pedal for N3ASF
Contactor function: yes with potentiometer
Dimmer function: yes
Locked speed: yes
For micromotor: E02000 – E3001
Dimension : 11 x 17 H6
Weight with electric cable : 600 g

Product description

BADECO PC750 pedal,

  • 2 functions (contactor, dimmer), new generation (since 2013) to equip the M3ASF and M4ASF micromotor assemblies.
  • Dimensions 11 x 17 X 6 cm, weight 600 g.
  • Supplied with the electric cable connecting the box.
  • To work at a predetermined speed in advance or at a variator.
  • To be used with the EO 2000 micromotor or the E3001 nano-motor

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