Guarantees : 

To guarantee your purchase, BADECO supports you in your investment by offering you security for the duration of the guarantee. This effort is the result of the selection of raw materials of high requirement and the implementation of new manufacturing and assembly procedures. All our new products are guaranteed for 24 months. All our products repaired in our workshops are guaranteed for 6 months. See warranty conditions in force. To help you benefit from BADECO tools, we guarantee the replacement of original parts for 10 years.

Conditions : 

We usually work with our partner SWISSPOST for all national and international shipments. On request, we can also offer you the services of TNT, UPS, Fedex etc … Our goals :

  • Guarantee a reasonable price.
  • Guarantee quality and prompt delivery.
  • Environmental protection policy.

Since 2006, all our products on the market have complied with this directive. Complies with CE standards:

We declare that all products are in conformity with CE standards.

Recycling : 

In accordance with the WEEE directive (2002/96 / CE) and the regulations of your country, products marked with a “crossed out bin” symbol must not be disposed of with household waste. (see instructions for use of the products concerned) BADECO is committed to protecting the environment:

  • By using the least polluting and recyclable manufacturing materials.
  • Using non-toxic and solvent chemicals.
  • By sorting internal company waste.
  • Free estimate without obligation.

  • The parts dismantled for the establishment of the estimate, will not be reassembled in the event of refusal. Please inform us of the type of failure.

  • For all repairs sent from abroad, please mention on the customs formalities: “defective tool returned for repair”, without value or CHF 5.- with customs heading n ° 8467.8900.

  • Overall, we ask for prepayment before any repairs are done.

  • Do not force the tools if you notice any abnormalities. You risk an expensive repair.

  • Please diagnose your problem before sending or send an email to with an explanation of the problem. Within 48 hours, our repairman will try to answer you.

  • If you are unable to detect the defect on one of the elements, please send the entire product to us.

  • It is advisable to change the bearings every 2 years for professional use.