Pedal PC250 for M1 Portable

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Pedal PC250 for M1 Portable

Technical specifications:
References: PC250
For pedal : M1 Portable
Contractor function: yes with contactor on/off
Dimmer function : No
Locked speed : yes
For micromotor : P3000
Dimension : 68 x 105 x 33
Weight : 125g

Product description

Foot pedal ON/OFF PC250

Foot pedal PC250 for portable nano-motor used on the M1 PORTABLE base.

To be used with M1 PORTABLE base, P3000 nano-motor, 460 handpiece and 5LC100 – 5LC050 micro-filers.

Single pedal ON / OFF switch with speed adjusted by hand on the box with the potentiometer.

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