Spindle polishing bench SPB-84S1

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Spindle polishing bench SPB-84S1

This polishing machine is a product which has superior technical features and superior differences in many points compared to
other devices. It is state-of-the-art touch screen, ergonomic design and easier use, make the device stand out. You can give your
own details to the parts by polishing, brushing, dulling and sanding. Resalable cap and removable Plexiglas cover provide to user
a safe working area. The reinforced vacuum motor ensures high suction.

  • Power supply : 230/50Hz
  • Engine Performance : >650 W
  • 100 to 3’000 rpm
  • 7550 m3/h
  • Lighting : 4x 9 LED’s 1.600 Lumen
  • Brush diameter : 160 mm max
  • Unit dimenesions : 460mm x 370mm x 460mm
  • Net weight : 30 kg

Product description

  • Service life of more than 50,000 operating hours
  • Light color and brightness adjustment
  • Saving of multiple light settings and recalling at will (memory function)
  • Reduced shadowing and glare due to special micro structure optics
  • Weakened light reflection on high-gloss parts
  • Short upper articulated arm for even more flexible adjustments
  • Anti-glare bar prevents direct glare when working in the near field area

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