Control unit MX-1 Carbon

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Control unit MX-1 Carbon

Product description

The latest product, this range represents many advantages:

New ergonomics high-quality presentation and packaging reduced size of the control station multi-function pedal little space taken up on the workbench

The surface of the boxes in composite materials, carbon fiber which apart from the undeniable aesthetic appearance (black / white / gloss) is a hard material, very resistant, light, having excellent thermal conductivity which allows heat to be evacuated.

MX1 “Carbon” Badeco control box, small electronic box with 1 output, to be positioned on a stand fixed on the workbench that can control the optional micromotor:

  • Optional : Micro motor RS 2000 “power” 180 W – high torque of 24.7 nCm – 20 000 rpm
  • This model allows on a small place to connect 1

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