MX-4 TOUCH Evolution-450/465 (PC800)

The MX-4 TOUCH Evolution brings all the power tools a jeweler needs at hand for instant use.  Simply remove one handpiece and the control unit senses which handpiece to power.  Replaces the need to have multiple flex shaft motors and foot controls cluttering up the bench.

The MX-4 Touch Evolution Dual Voltage 115/230V micromotor has been designed for use in the jewelry and watchmaking industries of Switzerland, the number one producer of super-premium jewelry and watches for the world.  What separates this micromotor apart from all others is the quality, precision and reliability of the power box, motor and of course, the handpiece, and the single most important part of a micromotor. The Carbon Series Micromotor is a remarkable piece of Swiss engineering, giving you unstoppable torque at the lowest speed, the kind of low end power that jewelers need for drilling and stone setting.

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The MX-4 Touch Evolution with optionnal handpieces and micromotors

  • HP 450 Rotary handpiece with 2.35mm collet – The HP450 is lightweight yet solid, fitting perfectly in the hand allowing for continuous stress free work.  To open the quick change collet all that is required is a simple 1/4 turn of the handpiece making for rapid tool change without the need of a lever or a wrench.  The 1/4 turn to close the collet produces a very secure grip that firmly closes on the bur or drill being used.
  • HP 318 Combi Hammer – The 318 Combi is a hammer handpiece that produces impact strokes rated from medium to hard. The “Combi” name refers to the 2 different ways this handpiece can be used.  When the left side toggle switch on the control box is set to hand use the strokes on the 318 are constant to the speed you choose on the center speed control dial. When you switch the left side toggle to foot control the 318 will give you a single stroke every time you touch the foot control.  Whichever mode you choose you can control the strength of the impact strokes by twisting the impact controller ring on the 318 handpiece itself.
  • HP 4LC100 Polishing/Filing – The 4LC100 micro filer handpiece that for polishing the finest details in hard to reach spaces. Use this tool with a wide range of ceramic files or the new mini files fit right into this handpiece.
  • HP 380 Adjustable Chuck – (0.05mm to 4.5mm max opening) quick change handpiece.  This marvel of Swiss engineering has an adjustable chuck that will allow you to use any shank size tools from as small as 0.05mm diameter all the way up to 4.5mm diameter without having to change collets.
  • Micromotor RS2000  – To fully enjoy the labor saving efficiency of the Badeco system you will need micromotors to power each handpiece. The Badeco RS2000 carbon fiber micromotors connect to the back of the control box and then are threaded onto the handpieces. These carbon fiber micromotors are designed for reliability and efficiency producing speeds from 2,000 rpm to 20,000 rpm with 50% more torque at all speeds than other brands of micromotors.
  • Foot Control PC800– The foot control will work as a variable speed control or as a set point control.  Choose which mode of operation by toggle switch on control box.
  • Mounting Hardware-Use this hardware to mount the control box on your workbench.

The Badeco MX-4 Touch Evolution control box with handpiece holders activates the single handpiece that you remove from the individual holders.  If more than 1 handpiece is removed from the holders the power is stopped.  If you wish to operate with empty holders simply block off the photo cell in the unused holder with black tape.


The control box allows for a variety of operating modes:

  • You can set the speed manually using the center speed control dial.
  • The far left toggle switch allows you to run manually by hand (handpiece speed controlled only by the center speed dial) or by foot control (handpiece speed controlled by foot control).
  • The center toggle switch allows you to operate in forward (right rotation) or reverse (left rotation).
  • The far right toggle switch controls how the foot pedal is operated. When the far left toggle switch is positioned down for foot control and the center speed control is in any position but off, the far right toggle switch allows for either set speed control or variable speed control.

Technical characteristics :
Reference: MX4 Touch Evolution 450 or 465 (new quick change carbon)
Model: MX4 Touch Evolution – 4 outputs
Micromotor: RS2000 Power 180 W
Handpiece / clamp mm : 450/Ø2.35
Pedal: PC 800
Micromotor support : 4 on box +1
Speed rpm : 2000 to 20 000
Weight : 210g
Choice of motor : Automatic

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20000 rmp