M3 ASF-440 / 464

The king of micromotor from 1975 !!!

To drill, mill, grind down, polish, buff, hammer, to set stones, engrave, Micro-Filer;
With a protection against overheating;
With 2 branching for alternate use of 2 micro-motors;
Choice of usage manual or pedal control;
For manual command on the electronic set from – 2’000 to 20’000 rpm;
Possibility to work with a on/off foot switch or multifunction pedal COMBI (switch and variator);
1 holder mounted (second holder on order)

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CHF2,560.00 HT

The kit of micromotor M3 ASF-440 includes :

  • M3 ASF control box
  • Twisted cable III 3000 to connect the micromotor
  • The E02000 micromotor on which is screwed the handpiece 440 with quick tightening 1/4 turn with clamp 2.35mm.
  • The PC750 foot pedal with 2 possible functions (1/ with predetermined speed; 2/ with speed variator) and its connection cable.
  • The ASF021 benchtop micromotor support
  • 1 Support on the M3025 cabinet for micromotor.



Additional information

Weight 1400 g
Dimensions 215 × 200 × 80 mm

230V. or 115V.